The Fight for Life

How to Fight Abortion

Last week Governor Kay Ivey of Alabama signed a bill into law that would ban nearly all abortions in the state. The bill, unlike its counterparts in Georgia and Missouri, goes beyond restricting abortions after a heartbeat is detected and does not allow exceptions in the case of rape or incest. It has ignited a firestorm of controversy and has thrust the battle over abortion back into the spotlight. Alabama, Georgia, and Missouri have provided a new opportunity for those of us who are pro-life to renew our campaign to defend the unborn. It is not enough to merely decline to support abortion; we must actively fight against it.

What Does the Bible Say:

            Isaiah chapter 1 begins a series of prophetic oracles against the people of Judah and Israel who have turned away from God in heart and deed and yet still have the audacity to offer sacrifices. God makes his hatred of their wicked worship known and makes clear where holy worship begins:

“learn to do good;

seek justice,

correct oppression;

bring justice to the fatherless,

plead the widow's cause.” (Isa 1:17 ESV)

If a child without a father is fatherless, how much more so is a child whose father would murder him or her in the womb? If a woman whose husband has died is a widow, how much more so is a woman whose man is coercing her to murder her child in utero? God’s calling is clear: the fight against abortion is not optional.

How to Fight Abortion:

Oppose abortion by showing love, support, and financial aid to women considering abortion. Throughout America, pregnancy centers are providing these things for women in crisis. Get involved with your local pregnancy care center; they often need help in ways you can’t imagine.

You also need to know that, typically, women considering abortion are terrified and feel as if their entire world is going to come crashing down because of this pregnancy. Often, they are manipulated or intimidated into having an abortion. We Christians are a people of love; God is the only judge. Therefore, we must do for women in crisis what Jesus has done for us: show unconditional love. Make room in your life for struggling single mothers who need help, spend time with them, and open your wallets for financial aid. James 2:15-16 makes it clear: if we say to women, "it's going to be all right" and do nothing to help make it all right then what good is that?

            Second, get politically active ( has some guides on how to do this). Fight to change the law and support the leaders who are opposing abortion. The entire world is dogpiling on Georgia, Alabama, and Missouri. Let their leaders know you're with them. Get in contact with your congressmen, governor, and the state legislature. They all have websites with publicly listed contact information! Go to your city council meetings and take the time they give residents to speak out about abortion. If you’re a student on a college campus, is another resource you can consult.

            Finally, preach the gospel of the forgiveness of sins and the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ to those involved in abortion. For the woman who aborted her child, the doctor who performed it, and the politician who authorized it, there is forgiveness of sins in Jesus and reconciliation with God. Isaiah 1:18 says, “though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow; though they are like crimson, they shall become like wool.” If you have been a part of abortion in America, please come to Jesus and repent and put your faith in Him; He will forgive you of your sins.

JP is a contributor at as well as numerous other Christian sites. JP holds a BS in Biblical and Theological Studies from Liberty University. He and his wife currently live in Utah.