Jesus or Truth

Jesus or Truth

What is more important, the idea of Jesus or truth? Think about this for a second, is your current understanding of Jesus more important than actual truth?  Now I know that you feel conflicted right now because the right answer seems to be Jesus because Jesus is always the answer, am I right? But this is a safe place, and this conversation is in your head, so answer honestly.

Only a bad leader would tell you that Jesus is more important than truth because that leader wants you to observe what he has taught, instead of enabling you to arrive at your own conclusion.  Blind observance is ideal for a bad leader because his vision is accomplished and he doesn't have to deal with that vision being compromised. North Korea, Soviet Russia, Imperial Japan, the FLDS Church, are all organizational structures that demand blind allegiance, so this scenario and this kind of leadership certainly exist and can be present in Christian sub-cultures that we may be apart of.

In order to avoid the trap of manipulative leaders and governments we only have to ask one question, is what is being pedaled to me true? Believing in a Jesus that is not true would be horrid, yet most of us blindly follow the Jesus that was taught to us.  Look around you. Is there a diversity of thought on fundamental principles of your denominations niche take on Jesus? No? Why? Could it be that all of you just bought into what your pastor taught you? Go to any denominationally run seminary in the United States and you’ll find almost identical sets of theological belief.  It’s almost as if seminaries and bible colleges don’t teach a diversity of thought on these core issues but rather teach from a decided upon doctrine, of which is taught to generations of students as absolute truth, which eventually flows to the churches. At the end of that cycle is you, the layperson, convinced of who knows how many errors because of claims to authority rather than the demonstration of truth.

The reality is that you are responsible for what you believe.  And truth is the most important thing. If Jesus is not true than you should not follow Him.  Figure out if He is really God by examining the text that testifies to his existence instead of relying on a pastor, a denomination, or a church.  All of these things are good and you should have a relationship with all of them but not at the expense of knowing who Jesus really is.

Caleb Jacobs is a writer and host at  Caleb holds degrees from Liberty University and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He and his wife live in Kentucky.