The Start - Nov 24, 2017 - 2 min read

From the very beginning of "Basic Bible" (the Instagram page, i.e., @webasicbible) -- I desired to put out content that could get my years of education and reading out of my head and into the universe (c.f., Matt 28).  This desire is in every human to a certain extent, but the Christian is especially driven by this because of the Holy Spirits work in him -- 1 Thess 5:12-22 is a good example of this.  However, I kept putting off the content, finding excuses to not produce or share etc, until last week I just started to do it.  The social media platforms are completely saturated with content that is defiant of God's word, presence, and glory, all of which Christians are supposed to promote.  Instead of just waiting for "just the right time" or for some other set of prerequisite circumstances to come my way, now is the time for action.  If I want to see a culture change through every Christian's output of solid biblical truths than I should do the same, which leads me to this blog post and today's video defining the gospel.  It's time for me to take action and pursue a desire that God has given me (making Him Known).  I don't know if people will like the content that I put out or if this is just a waste of breath in an infinite universe of information, but I do know that if I were to die tonight, I would regret not using this platform to make known my affection for Jesus Christ and importance of Scripture.  As I embark on this journey I would appreciate prayers and feedback on any of my content, hoping to improve and reach many people through this process. 


In Christ,