"Abortion is Christian"

The new prophet has spoken!  Democratic Representative, Brain Sims, came out against the pro-life movement, equating abortion with moral good.  I know that you have been waiting for the “right” perspective on Christianity and here it is: Abortion = Christian.

I often talk about the copious amounts of cringe that I consume daily, but this absolutely tops off my week.  Despite supporting the horrific crime against humanity that is abortion, Brian Sims made several statements that attempt to redefine what it means to be a Christian.  By himself, Sims approaches what appears to be a group of protestors (an older woman and three young girls), urging his streaming audience to identity the three young women present, ranting about their Christian identity.  Sims goes on to state:


“What we’ve got here is a bunch of protesters, a bunch of pseudo-Christian protesters who’ve been out here shaming young girls for being here,”

“There’s nothing Christian at all about what you’re doing, nothing Christian or loving or Godly at all about what you’re doing.” 

“Guys, Planned Parenthood is out here facing attacks daily from people like this, from pseudo-Christians saying that they are here to somehow protect their own version of Christianity. So do me a favor, if you’ve watched this, please consider donating $100 to Planned Parenthood. I’m gonna do the same."


Sims' statements are a perfect example of confusing evil with good and good with evil (Isaiah 5:20), but we honestly should not be surprised.  As a Christian, you are operating out of a completely different framework, you are seeking the things of God (Col 3:1-4).  Sims here is incapable of seeing the world through the value system of Christ and thus feels compelled to implement his own morality onto the Christian label.  Think about this, if Christianity isn't true, what is the point of it, aside from affirming what you believe?  Sims does not care about conforming to the truth but instead wants the world to submit to his perspective of truth. 

As Christians, we have an obligation to stand against the subjective reasoning of the masses and to cling to the word of God.  We might not be able to force, pressure, or bribe people into truth but we can certainly look evil in the face and refuse to back down.  Jesus will take care of the rest.